Win/Win Networking

Your Guidebook for Confident and Effective Connections.

Created for you by Teresa Thomas, Director of MN Women In Networking

You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how skillful networking is something you can develop and practice. If you weren't born a natural networker - you are not alone!
  • Gain easy-to-implement tips, tools and new ways to approach networking that are a win/win for you and the people you meet.
  • Receive interactive exercises, checklists, templates and journal pages to discover where and how to network in ways that work specifically for you.
  • Access insights to become more effective, confident and energized in making connections.  You may even begin to love networking! 
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  • Teresa Thomas is an amazing mentor.  She gave me advice about networking, guidance into business world, and was a perfect role model of being able to do it all. Her ability to connect with people has given me such inspiration and confidence to start networking on my own."

    Toni Meyers

    Recent Graduate
  • I love your new book on networking!  The best actionable tips I've seen from this kind of book.  If you haven't picked up a copy yet, I highly recommend it."


    Jean Hanson

    Marketing Systems by Design
  • I love how the tips are organized in way that are easy to find and understand. I get tired of 'how-to' books that are all fluff. This guidebook gets right to the point. I've learned so much that I'm already putting to use"


    Amy Lokken

    MüD Modular
  • Through Teresa, I have leared the importance of collaborative leadership and genuine networking.  She is a tireless crusader for helping people make meaningful connections."


    Sandra Brick

    Textured Elements 
  • Teresa's tips, presentations and events have provided me with so much more confidence, stamina and contacts to go after the things I want to make happen in my professional life. I will never underestimate the power of networking again!"


    Laine Torres,


About the Author

Facilitator, networking expert and professional speaker Teresa Thomas energizes and empowers!

In her highly interactive style, she packs her presentations with “how-to”s, humor and inspiration, leaving people excited about creating meaningful connections that help them to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

People leave Teresa’s workshops and seminars with practical networking strategies that are ready for immediate implementation, all while gaining confidence in the process.